Sponsors of IDEATE

IDEATE was founded in October 2011 by a $954,199 Department of Energy grant, "GATE Center of Excellence in Innovative Drivetrains in Electric Automotive Technology Education (IDEATE)". Funding primarily covered costs of curriculum development, GATE Fellowships offered to qualified students, and laboratory equipment to support the new curriculum.
The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs has set aside $40,000, in addition to the funds supplied by the Department of Energy, to award scholarships to qualified students who enroll in IDEATE courses at UCCS.
Arbin Instruments has given substantial discounts on laboratory test and measurement equipment that will be used by students to collect cell-test data needed to understand battery cell dynamics.
LG Chem Power Inc. has given substantial discounts on automotive grade battery cells that will be used by students in IDEATE.

Industry advisory board

Curriculum and program development are directed and monitored by faculty of the University of Colorado, with input from an industry advisory board (IAB) comprising members from the listed companies. Internship and employment opportunities are sometimes also available from the companies that form the IAB.

Beyond Aviation Chrysler Ford Motor Company
General Motors Infield Capital LG Chem Power Inc
Linear Technology National Renewable Energy Labs Nilar
Siemens Tesla Motors Texas Instruments