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Lecture notes and recordings for ECE5570: Optimization for Systems and Control

To play any of the lecture recording files (below), QuickTime is required. This software may be downloaded (free) from Each of the recordings is on the order of two hours long, and between about 200 and 300 Mb in size.

If you are not registered at UCCS to take this course for credit, and if you wish to do so, please contact Dr. M. Scott Trimboli.

This course can be taken at the graduate level as part of the Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering option in Battery Controls. See the IDEATE web site for more details.

The lecture notes for this course are provided in PDF format:
  1. Optimization Methods for Systems & Control. [PDF]
  2. Mathematics and Linear Systems Review. [PDF]
  3. Parameter Optimization: Unconstrained. [PDF]
  4. Parameter Optimization: Constrained. [PDF]
  5. Dynamic Systems Optimization. [PDF]
  6. Introduction to Linear Quadratic Optimal Control. [PDF]
Videos of lecture recordings can be downladed from the following links:
  1. Lecture 1. [MOV]
  2. Lecture 2. [MOV]
  3. Lecture 3. [MOV]
  4. (There is no lecture 4. Lecture 5 follows Lecture 3 without interruption.)
  5. Lecture 5. [MOV]
  6. Lecture 6. [MOV]
  7. Lecture 7. [MOV]
  8. Lecture 8. [MOV]
  9. Lecture 9. [MOV]
  10. (There is no lecture 10. Lecture 11 follows Lecture 9 without interruption.)
  11. Lecture 11. [MOV]
  12. Lecture 12. [MOV]
  13. Lecture 13. [MOV]