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Battery Management Systems, Volume I: Battery Modeling

This book is the first volume in a three-volume series describing battery-management systems. The intention of the series is not to be encyclopedic; rather, it is to put forward only the current best practices, with sufficient fundamental background to understand them thoroughly.

This first volume focuses on deriving mathematical sets of equations or models that describe how battery cells work, inside and out. The second volume discusses applications of equivalent-circuit models to solving problems in battery management and control. The third volume tackles these problems using physics-based models instead.

The first volume is available for purchase at The second is described in more detail at BMS2 homepage. The third is described in more detail at BMS3 homepage.

The table of contents for the first volume has the same organization as the course: ECE5710: Modeling, Simulation, and Identification of Battery Dynamics.
  1. Battery Boot Camp.
  2. Equivalent-Circuit Cell Models.
  3. Microscale Cell Models.
  4. Continuum (Porous-Electrode) Cell Models.
  5. State-Space Models and the Discrete-Time Realization Algorithm (DRA).
  6. Reduced-Order Models of Cell Dynamics.
  7. Thermal Modeling.
For further information, see the course website.

There are several downloadable supplementary archives available to complement the text: If you believe that any are missing, please send me email.

I extend my thanks to the readers who have reported errors in the book. Please download the current errata list.